12.30 to 3pm – Monday to Saturday

—- Rustic Lunch Board Meal €13 —-

 Pick one starter, one main & one side to complete your lunch board


Olive & cheese crostini (v)

Creamy garlic mushrooms (v)

Sticky BBQ chicken wings Mini bowl of soup (v)

Rustic garlic bread Garlic & whie wine mussels


6” pizzetta with one topping

Mini beef lasagne

Mushroom Risotto (v)

Penne matricana

Orecchiette Pomodoro (v)

Mini Pot of chicken Monte Bianco


Creamy mash potato (v)

Garlic & parsley potatoes (v)

Rosemary & sea salt potatoes (v)

Mediterranean Vegetables (v)

Mixed side salad (v)

Buttered greens (v)

—- Ciabatta with soup & coffee or tea €11 —-

Homemade Toasted Ciabatta of your choice with our daily prepared soup and Americano coffee or Irish Breakfast Tea

Choose  your Ciabatta:

-with mixed chargrilled Mediterranean Vegetables, crushed garlic and Olive oil

-with homemade Italian meatballs in tomato Ragu and melted mozzarella cheese

-with grilled chicken, tomato, mozzarella, garlic aioli & mixed leaves


Bruschetta Pomodoro Classico with Sicilian style chopped tomatoes, torn basil, garlic and extra virgin olive oil


Set Menu Meal Deal:
Pick one Antipasti and one Pasta for only €16.00
Single courses ordered are priced individually

Zuppa del giorno    €6.5
Homemade soup with Donatellos freshly baked bread
Im Pepata di Cozze €7.5
West coast mussels, vino bianco, garlic, parsley, lemon
Funghi al aglio con pane (v) €7
Mushrooms sautéed in white wine, garlic, butter, rustic toasts
Crostini Donatello €6.5
Toasted bread, tomato, mozzarella, anchovy and black olives
Calamari fritti €8
Mediterranean squid rings in a light batter
Alette di pollo €6.5
Braised chicken wings in ‘ndjua spicy hot sauce
Bruschetta Pomodoro (v) €7
Our classic bruschetta topped with tomato & garlic
Basket of freshly baked Donatellos bread €4
Spaghetti Carbonara €12
Pancetta, free range egg yolk, black pepper, Parmigiano DOP
Tagliatelle Bolognese €12.5
Antonio’s rich beef slow cooked bolognese, fresh tagliatelle
Penne Matricana €13.25
Streaky bacon, onion, cherry tomato, chilli (to your liking) & basil
Donatello Lasagne al Forno €13.25
Our famous  lasagne traditionally served with garlic bread
Penne Cubana (v) €11.5
Onion, peppers, chilli (to your liking) in Napoletana sauce
Penne Primavera (v) €12
Forest mushrooms, broccoli, courgette, chargrilled peppers, cream & torn basil
Spagetti Arribiata €11.5
Neopolitan sauce, fresh basil, garlic, onion and chilli
Orecchiette Pomodoro (v) €12
Fresh pugliese pasta cooked with Napolatana sauce
Margherita con mozzarella di bufala(v) €12.25
Crushed tomato, buffalo mozzarella di Campania, basilico, parmigiano DOP, extra virgin olive oil DOP
Parma €17
Crushed tomato, prosciutto di Parma DOP, buffalo mozzarella di Campania, peppery rocket, extra vigin olive oil
Maradona €14
Bolognese ragu, crumbled meatballs, mozzarella & parmigiano
Don Antonio €13
Crushed tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni, oven roasted black olives chilli oil
Isabella €15
Crushed tomato, mozzarella, forest mushrooms, ham
Al Capone €15.5
Crushed tomato,mozzarella, gorgonzola DOP, chicken, mushroom
Pasqualino €14
Crushed tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni, ham, free range egg extra virgin olive oil
Calzone (Traditional folded pizza) €14.5
Crushed tomato, mozzarella, ham, pepperoni, basil and garlic oil
Capricciosa €14
Crushed tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni, ham and mushroom
Pizza Pugliese €15
Crushed tomato, mozzarella, vine cherry tomato, Italian salame, onion, rocket
Sienna (v) €13
Crushed tomato, burrata, spinach, black olives, garlic oil
Giulianna €14
Crushed tomato, mozzarella, pancetta, baby potato, spring onion, basil pesto
Caruso €15.5
Crushed tomato, buffalo mozzarella, aubergine, Neapolitan sausage, garlic oil
Tarantella €17.5
Crushed tomato, buffalo mozzarella di Campania , Neapolitan spicy sausage, spicy n’djua sausage, chargrilled peppers, fresh chilli peppers, rocket leaf
Donatello €15.5
Crushed tomato, mozzarella, chicken, pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, peppers, garlic
Minerva €16
Crushed tomato, mozzarella, Sicilian yellow fin tuna, capers, black olives, garlic oil
Coeliac friendly pasta’s and pizza bases also available!