Easter  Set  Menu 2019

Our team of chefs have put together this Italian Easter Menu using Lamb (symbolizing Life) & Eggs (symbolizing Rebirth)



Zuppa Minestrone (v)

Freshly prepared soup with our homemade bread

Asparagus, Egg, Hollandaise sauce

Chargrilled asparagus tips served with hard boiled Egg and warm creamy Hollandaise sauce.

Pate of Lamb’s Liver

With Fig compote and rustic toasts.

Bruschetta di Pomodoro(v)

Toasted bread, fresh tomato, basil, garlic, extra virgin olive oil

Jumbo Chicken Wings

Scotch sauce, blue cheese dip & celery sticks

Arrotolati di Salmone affumicato

Smoked salmon filled with cream cheese, prawns, fresh dill, with rustic toasts


Secondi/Main Dish

Pollo Rusticana

Grilled chicken breast, tomato sauce, cream, bell peppers, olives, mushrooms, onions, with sautéed potatoes

Stinco d’Agnello

Traditional slow braised Lamb Shank with  rustic Italian Style sauce (rosemary & red wine jus), with buttered greens & creamy mash

Pappardelle Pasquetto

Slow cooked Beef ragu, fresh egg Pappardelle pasta, finished with touch of cream

Pan fried fillet of Cod

Lemon, butter, cream & caper sauce, finished with fresh dill, with creamed scallion potato & buttered greens.

Pizza Pasqualino

Crushed tomato, mozzarella, ham, pepperoni & Egg

Penne Campagnola

Courgettes, bell peppers,  wild mushrooms, broccoli, onions in a creamy sauce

Pizza Ostuni

Buffalo mozzarella, artichoke hearts, grilled peppers, grilled aubergine, oregano, extra virgin olive oil



White chocolate Cheesecake

Double chocolate fudge cake

Selection of Italian Ice Creams

Homemade Tiramisu

€32.00 per person


Italian styled potatoes: (v)
– Rosemarino e sea salt €5.5
– Truffle oil e parmigano €6
– Parsley e Aglio €5.5
– Crema di Alioli €5.5
Spinach mashed potato €4.5
Creamy polenta €4.5
Buttered green beans and broccoli €5.5
Chargrilled peppers, aubergine and courgette €5.5

Happy Easter from Donatello’s